The last adult tooth typically erupts between age 12 and 13. For many patients, this also represents the time they are entering the peak growth phase of their life. In most cases, this is the ideal time for full or Phase II orthodontics. The goal of this treatment is to fully correct the alignment of all permanent teeth and to ensure the upper and lower teeth (the bite) are fitting together properly.

Phase II treatment generally lasts between 15-24 months and at the end of treatment, retainers are used to protect the new smile.

There are many types of appliances used for Phase II treatment. Dr. Emerson will help you select the option that will work best for your specific problems. Click on the types of appliances below to find out how we use each type to give you a great smile.

Although Dr. Emerson works hard for straight teeth, he loves healthy teeth more. Your teen will receive detailed instructions at the beginning of treatment regarding the proper care for their appliances and teeth. Every patient receives a brushing grade each visit and anything less than an A or B will result in further instructions and notification to you and their dentist. We realize our patients have busy lives, and we ask that parents join us, alongside their teen, as we all strive for a beautiful and healthy smile.

Elastics, Rubber Bands, Forsus Appliance, and the Carriere Motion Appliance are the main way Dr. Emerson corrects bite problems. Cooperation and hard work are essential to achieve the proper bite.

Retainers are used to keep that awesome smile. Learn more about them and how to get UNLIMITED RETAINERS FOR LIFE here Emerson Retainer Club.