We understand that accidents can happen with orthodontics or sometimes you just need a little help remembering how to care for your appliances. Our goal is to keep your treatment on schedule and make you as comfortable as possible. The following videos provide easy instructions for solutions to problems you may be experiencing with your braces. If you continue to have problems after trying the solutions, please contact our office.


Irritation? Use wax to cushion.

If a loose brace leads to a poking wire, please call the office.

If Dr. Emerson has you wearing a rubber band to the loose brace, please call the office.

If a loose brace is not causing discomfort, Dr. Emerson will evaluate at the following visit to determine if the brace needs to be replaced.

Loose Brace


Long wire? Feed the wire back into braces using tweezers or use nail clippers cleaned with alcohol to trim.

Just can’t get it? Please call the office for an appointment and use wax for comfort until your appointment.

Wire Emergency

Arch Expander

Cleaning Your Braces