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Welcome to Tulsa’s premier location for adult hidden braces. Located in the heart of midtown near Utica Square, we offer a boutique atmoshphere that specializes in hidden smile correction and facial treatments that highlight your natural beauty. Esthetique offers state-of the-art, discrete orthodontic treatment so you can obtain the results you desire without interfering with your professional and personal lifestyle. Unique features of our office include the following:

  • Boutique means small and small means your are seen on time for your appointments so you can plan your day around your visit
  • Privacy is maximized as you enjoy appointments in a comfortable room complete with relaxing music from your personalized satellite radio
  • Early appointments to allow an uninterrupted day of work or school

Clinton W. Emerson, D.M.D – Orthodontist

Dr. Emerson is the leading provider of hidden orthodontic treatment in Tulsa. He is recognized as one of only two “Premier Providers” of lingual orthodontic treatment in Oklahoma. His experience with hidden lingual braces has allowed him the opportunity to publish cases and lecture to orthodontists on lingual treatment and to be awarded by both national and local societies recognizing him for his accomplishments with esthetic orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Emerson is proud to be part of Elite Lingual Orthodontists.

Amy Emerson, M.D. – Medical Director

Dr. Amy Emerson is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, and enjoys learning about the latest procedures and products, which can complement our patients’ smile correction. She and Dr. Clint Emerson are married and have four children. She is passionate about early literacy measures in our community and enjoys traveling.

Cindy – Office Manager

Cindy has been in the dental field for many years and has been with Dr. Emerson since 2010.

She is available to help you with all your dental needs.



The most cosmetic braces in the world. Lingual braces go behind your teeth and align your teeth with no visible wires or trays. Please click on Hidden Treatment tab for more info


Comfortable, clear trays align your teeth while making cleaning a breeze. Please click on Hidden Treament tab for more info.


Getting braces at the age of 25 is not exactly what any adult looks forward too, especially working in the beauty industry when appearance is everything! However when my “now” husband proposed in 2011 I knew having a crooked smile on my wedding day was not an option…. I was nervous about getting traditional braces since I had worn them before in high school but after meeting with Dr. Emerson and learning about the new incognito braces I knew they were designed for me and my lifestyle. As a stylist Incognito braces allow me to live a normal life while straightening my teeth and the best part is no one knows they are there! I got married in May wearing my incognito braces and thanks to Dr. Emerson and his amazing staff I had a perfect smile!

–Nikki L.

As a child I was told that a retainer could help straighten my teeth. I was elated (as well as my parents) that I was not going to have to wear braces. However that is not how it turned out. So for years I accepted the way my teeth looked, until some ladies that I worked with tried Invisalign. Almost instantly I noticed a change in their teeth. So with the convenience of a HealthCare Spending Fund through my employer, I decided to have my teeth evaluated for Invisalign. I made an appointment with Dr. Emerson’s office. When I was evaluated, I was told that the Invisalign would straighten my teeth but would not correct my bite (which was a problem too). So I was given two other options. The first was regular braces and at the age of 33 I really did not want that look. The second was the Incognito braces, similar to traditional braces except these go on the inside of your teeth so they are less visible. I thought if I was going to spend the money then why not pay a little more to have my bite corrected as well. So I signed up! WOW! I will have to admit the day they put those on my teeth was hard. The process was very smooth but later that day I had a lot of soreness and wondered if I did the right thing. I definitely recommend Tylenol and Advil. However once I got past that point, it was pretty much smooth sailing. My teeth were a bit sore a day or two after each appointment but definitely much better than the first day. I was always in and out pretty quickly which worked out great because I would come on my lunch hour. The staff was wonderful–very friendly and helpful. My teeth and bite required quite a bit of correction so I was in my braces for just a little over 2 years but it was worth it! I love my “new” teeth and even catch myself checking them out in the mirror more than usual. I would recommend Dr. Emerson and his staff to anyone. Thank you all so much!

–Danica R.

I thought the customized wires and brackets (cast in gold) were very efficient, and well worth my investment. To have treatment completed in a matter of ten months was remarkable. I would recommend this system to anyone.

—Jackie T.