A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. – Phyllis Diller

Its more than beauty, its confidence and health. Changing smiles is our job, but improving lives is our passion at Emerson Orthodontics. Below are photos and testimonials from just a few of our patients.

I’m so glad I came to Dr. Emerson. He changed my look and my smile. I am very happy because I now can smile however I want and laugh in front of people. I am so proud of Dr. Emerson and the job he did for me. I thought the gap in my teeth would not close but he did it! It wasn’t magic, but just following Dr. Emerson’s instructions.

– Cindy O. (Full Appliances: 14 months of treatment)

Braces are a Family Affair in Our Household
After being extremely pleased with Dr. Emerson and his staff when our 8 year old daughter who had an under bite and severe overcrowding needed braces, I decided to take the step and get braces for myself at 49 years old. I had always wanted to straighten my bottom teeth and after my daughter got braces, I thought the time had finally arrived. From the first consultation, Dr. Emerson was much more concerned about what would be best for me as an adult considering cost, time and comfort versus what was in his best interest. They gave me three different options and after much thought, I chose the lingual braces (Incognito). Although, they were a difficult adjustment at first (these bones had been there for 49 years), Dr. Emerson stood by his timeline commitment given to me originally and after just under 2 years, I now have perfectly straight teeth and am absolutely thrilled with the results. Not only is Dr. Emerson’s staff friendly and helpful but their office runs like a fine oiled machine and they work together quite efficiently. Because of the wonderful experience both my daughter and I had, my husband decided to get braces and he has had his porcelain front facing braces on for approximately 5 months. We plan on having our 5 year old see Dr. Emerson in a couple of years to start the process for her as well. We highly recommend Dr. Emerson and his staff to anyone who wants to consider braces. Our experience has been and continues to be fantastic!

– Stephanie G. (May 13, 2014)




If only…
If only all businesses and service providers could be as efficient as Dr. Emerson’s office the world would be so much easier to live in. Most businesses you are lucky to get waited on or even acknowledged. Dr. Emerson’s staff and he himself make you feel actually important the moment you walk in. You’re spoken to when you walk in and they actually all smile at you!! The appointment time is always kept. The girls in the back speak to the child and joke around to make them feel comfortable. They explain the procedures and make sure the child has their questions answered. Then Dr. Emerson comes over and does his ‘thing’ and then always looks at me (mom) and explains what they are doing and what to expect for the next few visits. I normally never participate in surveys but I just had to when it comes to Dr. Emerson. This is one place that all other businesses can learn from.

– Brianna (September 24, 2012)



Life Changing Care
Dr. Emerson and his staff have provided me with wonderful care. I have had a lifetime fear of dental care but they are so compassionate and work with me. I am almost done with my braces and my teeth look better than I could have ever dreamed. Talented, caring, fun and always on time!

– September 14, 2013


Best Orthodontist in Oklahoma
I would highly recommend Dr. Emerson and his office staff to anyone who needs orthodontic help. The staff are friendly and courteous, and always ready to answer any questions you may have about your care, payments, or anything to do with your appointments. I like the fact that they call and email you the day before your appointment, because I’m very forgetful. They make it easy for me to schedule my appointments around my work schedule. I think the longest time I’ve ever had to wait in the waiting room was maybe 10 minutes. Overall, friendly and knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere, and make scheduling payments and appointments easy. Keep up the great work guys!!

– Jessica P. (July 30, 2013)



Professional, Friendly, Efficient
Dr. Emerson and his staff make such an impression. From the cleanliness of the office, to the efficiency of their system, I’m always impressed. I have nothing but good things to say and would recommend them to everyone. Job very well done, Emerson Orthodontics!

– Summer (July 31, 2013)



State of the Art Office and Service
I am so impressed and we haven’t even started our treatment yet, but what I’ve seen makes me excited for that part. This office uses cutting edge technology and sources to communicate with its patients… you are never out of the loop or without full explanation of what they will be doing – even down to YouTube videos on how to do and what to expect! Friendly, patient and excited about being able to help you the way that suits you best. Thoroughly impressed!

– Erica H. (July 29, 2013)



They are Like Family
We highly recommend Dr. Emerson and his staff for any orthodontic work that you may have need of. Dr. Emerson and his staff are so professional and yet so caring to their patients. It is not always easy having braces on, but with all of the extended fun and opportunities that Dr. Emerson and his staff give, makes the treatment more bearable. We have enjoyed a Driller’s baseball game and great picnics put on by Dr. Emerson! Our daughter’s friend wished her orthodontist was Dr. Emerson. Dr. Emerson is a great doctor and gives back to the community and his patients. 🙂

– Michelle and Noelle Movsesian (June 15, 2013)



Excellent Care for a Lifetime Smile!
I’ve been taking my 1st child here since 2007 when their Broken Arrow office started to open. I’ve never had a bad experience. Everyone takes excellent care of the patient and/or the parents. GREAT service all around! Definitely worth the hour drive to get there. Very fortunate to be able to take my kids to such a great place. My 2nd kiddo will have her consultation in a month. NEVER had a bad experience in the 6 years and that says a lot!

– June 10, 2013



Great Service!
The workers at Emerson Orthodontics are very professional and some of the friendliest people I have ever met! They always try their best to make you feel comfortable and happy with your service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my braces!

– Amber W.

Great and Consistent Service
We have received the best orthodontic service around. Dr. Emerson and his staff have all the bases covered when it comes to treatment and service. Our school is amazed at how fast our appointments were this past year. We love it here!

– Tori D. (June 26, 2012)


Tyler is on his way to a proper bite and beautiful straight teeth!
My son Tyler had what appeared to be a substantial under bite. Prior to coming to Dr. Emerson, we were told that Tyler would most likely need surgery when he turned eighteen to correct the under bite. Dr. Emerson looked at Tyler and his x-rays and informed us that Tyler would not need surgery and that his under bite could be corrected with braces. Tyler has had braces on for a year now and with a two part approach to correcting his problem, Tyler is on his way to a proper bite and beautiful straight teeth! He no longer has an under bite and the change occurred almost overnight! I am very impressed with the expertise of Dr. Emerson and his wonderful staff! Thank you so very much!

– April R.


50 and Smiling!
I have hated my teeth since I can remember! Finally just after my 50th birthday I can smile and be proud of my teeth! No more putting my hand over my mouth or smiling without teeth! I got my braces off today (after only 11 months worn)!!! Thank you Dr. Emerson and Thanks to your wonderful staff!!! Everyone there is wonderful. Dr. Emerson you did exactly what you said you would do and it looks better than I could have ever imagined!!! Thank you!!!

– C. Holt


Excellent Care
Every time we visit Emerson we are greeted with an energetic smile. All of the staff goes above and beyond to make our time there pleasant. The staff is full of life and talkative. The office always has something fun planned to make the kids feel comfortable. The kids love the video games and I love the open, clean, and cheerful atmosphere. Everyone values your time and they work hard to get you in and out in a timely manner. I appreciate that! I would highly recommend Emerson for orthodontic needs.

– Melissa (May 15, 2012)

Last year I got Incognito braces at Emerson Orthodontics and have received the best service! The staff is friendly and super helpful and best of all Dr. Emerson works quickly. They are always busy but have been flexible with my schedule and are always professional over the phone. You can tell they have fun because they have themed deband-days and post pictures of the staff on Facebook. Plus, they actively participate in community aid, like food drives. I am now closer to a beautiful smile thanks to this office.

– Jennifer (November 12, 2012)

Best Experience…
I have had a great experience with Emerson Orthodontics. I am getting my braces off next week and have been through a lot of difficult complications that involved lots of surgeries and adjustments as my case became increasingly difficult. I was always impressed with Dr. Emerson’s concern for my well-being as well as his staff’s ability to remember who I was and details about my life and case even when it’d been weeks since I’d been in last. They have always made me feel valued as a patient and worked with me to make sure that I got the best possible care. In addition to all of their professionalism and competencies, they also make your relationship with them fun by offering contests, food drives, costume days, and other events that make it a fun place to visit (even without an appointment). I’m so glad to have been recommended to Emerson’s and as happy as I am to see my braces go, I will miss the relationship I have with the staff.

– Trina L.

Great Orthodontist
I had my braces done here and now my daughter is having hers done. There is nowhere else I would take her!

– Andrea (September 4, 2012)

Great Initial Visit!
My son and I had his initial consultation visit and were very impressed. The facility is very impressive, the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. They put my son at ease right away as he begins his orthodontic treatments. He no longer is nervous about future appointments. Thank you!

– Rebecca

Incognito but Recognized
When I first visited Dr. Emerson, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but knew I wanted straight teeth. They worked with me concerning what would be the best treatment. I decided on Incognito, from the moment my decision was made, Dr. Emerson’s staff went to work making sure that I was comfortable, understood what they would be doing and answered any and all questions that I had. The Incognito braces were challenging at first, as I’m sure any braces are, but after the initial shock of just having braces on, I realized that they were they best fit for me. Dr. Emerson and his staff were always willing to fit me in when and if I had any issues (poking wires or thinking there may be a broken wire). I can’t express how wonderful Dr. Emerson and his staff have been, they treat you with the upmost respect and like you are a member of the family! I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Emerson and his staff to anyone who needs a GREAT Orthodontist!

– Debbie W. (November 12, 2012)

Personal Care
We love Emerson Orthodontics. All of my children have been seen there and the staff is always friendly. They explain everything to the patient and the parent and make sure you understand before you leave. Dr. Emerson takes his time with patients, you feel like you are the only one he is seeing that day. Thank you so much for all you and your office do.

– Colleen

Every visit we make with our Daughter Erin to Dr. Emerson’s office; is the “Greatest Experience Ever!” The staff is very professional and polite. The office is always clean and organized. We would like to say thank you!

– Tanya B. (November 15, 2012)