Orthodontics for Teens

The last adult tooth typically erupts between age 12 and 13. For many patients, this also represents the time they are entering the peak growth phase of their life. In most cases, this is the ideal time for full or Phase II orthodontics. The goal of this treatment is to fully correct the alignment of all permanent teeth and to ensure the upper and lower teeth (the bite) are fitting together properly.

Phase II treatment generally lasts between 15-24 months and at the end of treatment, retainers are used to protect the new smile.

There are many types of appliances used for Phase II treatment. Emerson Orthodontics specializes in ceramic braces for children, teens and adults. Please click on the Clarity Advanced link below to read why we choose this type of brace system most often for our patients. The other types of appliances are also listed below and can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Although Dr. Emerson works hard for straight teeth, he loves healthy teeth more. Your teen will receive detailed instructions at the beginning of treatment regarding the proper care for their appliances and teeth. Every patient receives a brushing grade each visit and anything less than an A or B will result in further instructions and notification to you and their dentist. We realize our patients have busy lives, and we ask that parents join us, alongside their teen, as we all strive for a beautiful and healthy smile.

Elastics, rubber bands, and Forsus appliances are the main way Dr. Emerson corrects bite problems. Cooperation and hard work are essential to achieve the proper bite. Most bite correction needs 20-22 hours of daily wear to produce positive movements.


I have hated my teeth since I can remember! Finally just after my 50th birthday I can smile and be proud of my teeth! No more putting my hand over my mouth or smiling without teeth! I got my braces off today (after only 11 months worn)!!! Thank you Dr. Emerson and Thanks to your wonderful staff!!! Everyone there is wonderful. Dr. Emerson you did exactly what you said you would do and it looks better than I could have ever imagined!!! Thank you!!


I previously worked in the dental field myself for 25 years so I'm pretty picky when it comes to doctors. Emerson Orthodontics "had me at hello"! Aside from being extremely efficient, the doctor and his (obviously well picked) staff are warm, welcoming and friendly. The exact type of office I would have enjoyed working with! Which explains why I chose them for myself and my children's orthodontic treatment!!

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